Scandinavian Stud information

Sökö is also known as scandavian stud, canadian stud and sousem.

It is a colourful and legendary variation of poker. This site offers you up to date and interesting information about the game.

Did you know this about scandinavian stud?

Scandinavian stud is also known as soko and canadian stud. The game is an old variation of the more well known Five Card Stud.

Difference between canadian stud and five card stud lies in hand rankings. Compared to five card stud, canadian stud has two more hands: four card flush and four card straight. These hands rank between one pair and two pair.

There is also one minor difference in addition to this major difference. In five card stud lowest card starts betting, but in scandinavian stud highest card is the first to act.

Scandinavian / canadian stud is popular in Northern Europe and especially in Sweden and Finland. In the latter the game (known there as “sökö”) is almost considered a national game.

Like other poker games soko is not just about luck. Even though luck plays its part, best players end up winners time after time. Specialty of scandinavian stud is that best bluffers are usually the biggest winners: four card straights & flushes add a lot of bluffing opportunities – you really have to experience the game to understand just how much these two hands add to sökö.

Scandinavian stud is played online at B2B Poker Network, where both cash and tournament games can be found. Cash games are played around the clock, but the juiciest games can be found when its evening in Sweden / Finland (GMT+2 / GMT+1 time zones).

If you want to check out the bluff heavy scandinavian stud action, we recommend playing at Pokerihuone, which despite its Finnish name (pokerihuone is “card room” in Finnish) has full English software & customer support.

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