Places to play Canadian Stud online

Compared to other poker games, Candian Stud (Scandinavian Stud) can be played in very few places internet or ”live”. In Finland you can play Sökö in Grand Casino in Helsinki. In other Northern countries the game is not played in Casinos at least not regularly. In Baltic countries you can play Sökö in Casinos.

Playing Canadian Stud at casinos

Only country to have regular Canadian Stud tournaments & cash games at casinos is Finland (where the game is known as sökö). In Finland you can play Sökö live in Grand Casino.

You can find both cashgame and tournament Sökö there. Cashgame table ante is €2. Tournament buyin + entry fee is €50+€10. You can make unlimited rebuys during the rebuy period and 1 add-on after the end of the rebuy period (rebuys only if you have no chips left). Tickets for the Tournament can be bought in Grand Casino lower-lobby before the Tournament start. These tournaments are usually very popular and therefore it is recommended to buy the tournament ticket well in time before the tournament start.

From Baltic countries you can play Sökö in Estonian casinos, either in tournaments or Dealers Choise cashgames. Regular Canadian Stud only -cashgames are not available in the Baltic.

Canadian Stud onlie

You can play Texas Hold’em in hundreds of sites but Canadian Stud can be found at only few sites. The only decent poker room for online Canadian Stud is Pokerihuone, a Finnish owned poker room, which has regular Canadian Stud tournaments. Cash games are available around the clock, ante in the most popular Canadian Stud cash games is 0,50€.

Play Canadian Stud at Pokerihuone